About Us

One shot.

Our founder, Robert Gilmer, used the principle of taking one shot to conceive the idea of the Accurate Pistol System. In a life or death situation as a gun owner one should be confident in the fact that they will hit their target on the first shot. The confidence that the Accurate pistol system creates will greatly alleviate the threat of collateral damage in those precarious situations. 


Our dynamic pistol rest was born out of law enforcement, in particular the  Reno Police Department.  In fact, as of July 2015, the RPD SWAT Team has received the Accurate Pistol System and uses them in the line of duty. 


The Accurate Pistol System is a device that will change the game. It never actually attaches to the pistol. You hold the pistol in the rest with your hands to create a perfectly steady accurate shot.


Rest assured when you fire your pistol along with our dynamic pistol rest for the first time, you won't imagine taking a shot again without it. 


Invented in America and made in America.